Understanding the depth of yourself - the good, the bad, and the badass parts of you...
Understanding the depth of yourself - the good, the bad, and the badass parts of you.
The problem with power is that it comes with massive responsibility.
When I talk about power it has nothing to do with taking over the world, ruling by brute egoic force or in controlling others - my meaning of power has to do with the power within that each of us go in and out of alignment with... The type that once we align with - we flow and the universe flows through us and we live in harmony with all that is. 

If I’d only known then what I know now. 

Before I met my wife, I felt like I was one of those slick guys - confidently walking up to my perfect 10 woman and walking away with her number. And I was coaching others to do the same.

I was coaching high-end clients twice my age on dating advice - they’d fly out to work with me, paying a pretty penny to learn how to find their one true partner. 

Like most strong-willed people, I thought the issue was because of the women I chose, not me.
I knew I deserved something more meaningful for myself - a partner as powerful as me. I was entitled to her. And I was bummed my lover and I weren't connecting at a deeper level, that I was bored and wasn’t feeling challenged. Worse than that, I really thought it was all her fault. 

That's how I lost the woman I still truly love.

I remember sitting in my car with an engagement ring in my hands, crying about how I’d lost so much of myself trying to be the person she expected me to be. 

And I decided the only way to move forward was to perform a ceremony to release our connection - to detach myself from the mess we created together. I got out of the car, walked to the edge of the cliff, raised my right arm and let the ring fly... 

Okay, so maybe launching her diamond ring into the ocean with all my might wasn’t the smartest idea.
But that impulsive moment was exactly what I needed - my wake up call. I finally understood what I would need to do to win the love of my life back and get my businesses back on track. But she was gone. And I wanted Xochitl in my life again. Instantly, I realized there was nothing wrong with Xochitl, it was me. I was the problem.

That’s the day I discovered the person I actually resented was myself - for compromising my core truths.

I was always blaming others rather than accepting responsibility for my actions (or lack thereof), and the realization hit me like a ton of bricks. The realization that I was the common denominator triggered something deep within me. At the time, it had only been three months since we’d split ways - releasing the love of my life from our failed relationship. 

It was time to get her back...
My partner, Xochitl, said:

Everyone would tell us we were made for each other, that we looked so incredible together, that we had this aura about us - twin flames, soul mates, past-life partners as the shamans say. The world was confirming for us over and over that we’d found our match.

Why would I fight? Why was I so conflicted? I felt so passionate, it was almost possessive. Thinking it was all his fault. So I went to therapists and shamans, feeling I was carrying something from the past. We’d have these explosive arguments out of nowhere. It felt like I’d been looking into his eyes for centuries of relationships, like we’d keep finding each other. It made me feel a deeper connection to him. I had more confidence that this was meant to happen. That we are meant to encounter every life we’ve had together.

If it was not for us working on our relationship issues, then we’d keep having the same troubles in every life. 
From the moment I met my (now) wife, she knocked my freakin’ socks off. (Ever met that person yourself?)
We were inseparable, and wow it felt so good… She was the woman of my dreams, the complete package.

Now, don’t let the beard and deep voice fool you… I’m a lover not a fighter. While I am a 2nd degree black belt and can definitely open up a can of whoopass, I much prefer to support others into bettering themselves.

Every day, I aim to treat her like a queen, and do all the little extra things that would make her happy… 

When she's unhappy, I make it a practice to step up and be an even better man - to give more, be more patient, more unconditionally loving, and more understanding.
My mantra became to be the best version of myself - more authentic, more present, and more heart-centered.
I honestly never worked so hard for any relationship. And you know what? She's totally worth it. We're totally worth it.

After learning to hold space for each other over a 7 year journey, Xochitl and I came together officially. We celebrated our union with 3 destination wedding ceremonies that honored all aspects of our families' traditions in a way that also honored our spiritual journey.

Now we travel the world together, experiencing life for all of its beauty and magic… lovers in the garden of eden. She is the Jane to my Tarzan on our adventure-seeking explorations - turning life into a perpetual vacation in each other’s arms. We are discovering the world without boundaries, inspiring each other to dream bigger together. We are amazing together, the dynamic duo, the ultimate team, growing into our Power Couple potential.

And now it's my mission to guide you out of your old stories and show you a new way of being in partnership: at home, at work, in your love-life and in family dynamics... everywhere! 

It’s time to create a space for you on your journey to rise to the top. And I'm here for you...
In order to be in touch with your inner POWER, you have to embrace: 

P - Passion: express your real thoughts and your feelings vulnerably
O - Ownership: fill your cup so you can fill others with the overflow
W - Wisdom: Strengthen yourself as you open up to trusting your heart
E - Enlightenment: know exactly how be 100% aligned with your truth
- Relationships: leverage all connections as the ultimate vehicle of growth

When you’re living in balance between the inner and outer games of life, everything is perfect: the ultimate gift. It's time to find your own truth.

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