Because you don’t want to loose the love of your life…


Dear Passionate Couples,

You’ve come to the right place if you feel like you have met your “Match” but can’t stop Fighting.

You’ve never felt this way about anyone… they may drive you crazy, but at the same time you don’t see yourself with anyone else.

And yet, you’re exhausted and sometimes doubt everything… You’re constantly jumping through hoops to make your relationship work.

You’ve seen the potential and they’re totally worth fighting for. You know that if you could just see eye to eye, there’s nothing you couldn’t accomplish together… you’d be the ultimate team.

In my practice, I make it impossible for the fire to burn out. I give you all the tools, strategies, and mentorship you need, so you can to take off your armor, be seen as the great catch you are, and be fully heard by your partner.

This relationship is all about evolution, full self-realization, and true love.

I’ve got you… You’ll know once and for all that it can truly work and the best part is you’ll be able to come home every day and give your partner a hug and kiss like you actually mean it.

My name is Alain Torres, and I was right there where you are… For years, the love of my life and I battled each other and battled to keep our love alive, only everything ended up in flames. We went through a major breakup, that was unlike anything I had ever experienced before… is was so painful… don’t believe me… I threw an engagement ring off a cliff!!!

It was horrible, I cried for weeks, lost 17 pounds, and went through a case of tissues. I was heartbroken… I lost my partner in crime… I had lost my love…

After a few months, I had an epiphany; it quickly led to mending my heart and to us rekindling our fire.

It has now been 2 years of the most incredible love we have even experienced. We were even able to take the next step in getting a place together, getting a puppy, and getting engaged. And the best part is we will never be part of that statistic of couples who never make it… we made it to the other side and so can you.

The bottom line is you don’t want to loose your love… I totally get that. So here’s what I can do to help. You can sign up for my complimentary Relationship Breakthrough Session ($400 value) and I’ll show you how you can reboot your relationship, where you will get rid of all the clutter that’s been building up through all the fights and arguments… no more grudges or resentment.

And… even better, I’ll show you how its possible to no longer feel like you’re walking on egg shells

Phew…what a relief!

Just send me an email at to schedule your Relationship Breakthough Session, and by the end of the call, I guarantee that you’ll know without a shadow of a doubt that its worth fighting for and you’ll also have your very next step to take so your and your love can be in love like you’ve always wished.

Email me at to schedule.

Talk soon,

Alain Torres